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Wow, that works great! Thanks a ton, everybody!

And no, it's not for spamming. Not sure how it could be used for that anyway. But I plan on writing some reviews for a friend's website, and instead of me going through and picking each and every thing each time, I figured it'd be better to have something pick it randomly, as I have a rather huge list of things I can review (1600+).

mhb, would you happen to have the source for that exe? I'm a beginner in programming, and I'd like to see how that works.

Hi Verathis,

sorry to reply this late, but I am moving right now and had no internet access during the last days.
You can check the source code in the .ahk file, which is one of the attached downloads to my original reply. Just open that file in an editor and you have the source code...

I have to admit,  I didn't comment the code, which is really bad programming practice, but it was just a shorty :-)


It's fine, I really wasn't in a hurry to get it. I'm fairly new to AHK, so I didn't know the source came in the .ahk file. Thanks for all the help!


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