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DONE: Personal Software Process Time Logger

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Actually, I found something that works very similar to taskLog:

This one has several advantages: better reports, easier to add a new task, etc. It sucks that it seems to be dead.

If someone wants to implement the stuff this program does as an extension for tasklog, I'll definitely send some DC credits!

TaskLog looks ideal for my growing contract work... but I wish "Pause" didnt have to be defined as a task; it should ideally be a seperate consideration in its own right and should ideally be configurable not to display reminders for "Pause" to ask if you are still working on it.. Though I guess you could just unload tasklog while you're not actively working.

It's maybe a bit beyond the scope of coding snacks but it would be nice to be able to set time-quotas for tasks over a given time period (say 10 hours per calendar month, rotated on the nth day of the month) and have the app show time spent/remaining on tasks over the past $time_period (day/week/month/year).. This would probably need tasks to be uniquely identified internally in some way instead of just being a list of strings...

Being able to maintain a per-task "scratchpad" would also be very cool.

Appreciate the work you've put in Skrommel, I use some of your other bits and pieces :Thmbsup:

Love the idea of Time Quotas.  Many people have suggested "pattern planning" to me, whereby I'm supposed to try to do certain tasks (shopping, paying bills) at certain times each week.  But as a freelancer and single dad, nothing ever works the way I plan...which usually means I forget what I'm supposed to do altogether.  The idea of "allotted time within this timeframe" could be really helpful to those of us with erratic schedules, or who resent over-control (even if it's our own).   8)

hi skrommel,

just want to add my vote for your great little app here (having tested quite a few of late, in an attempt to reign in all the plates i tend to have spinning these days  :tellme: ).  really another example of your fine talents ..  8)

anyway, enough of the schmoozing (!), also wanted to ask if you were still considering any of the above "tweaks" as suggested by others - especially things like a way to view time spent etc without the need to switch associations with csv files or fire up the entire excel motherload + the time quotas idea, i.e. set upper and lower limits on time for specifc tasks, to make sure you're still on track/focused etc ..?  also, one or two of the hacks sound quite handy - but have no idea where to start on implementing them myself  :-[

also, be handy for me if you could browse for the icons from within the setting area - instead of having to manually define their location (never had to know how to do this before  :huh: )

finally, not sure it was suggested exactly, but would make great sense to me if the "pause" task did a basic monitoring of system activity - so it either kicked in by default (or gave you the option with a pop-up) after a certain amount of inactivity.  in the same way, woudl be handy then to restart the last task (by default or again with pop-up option) when activity resumed - in each case after a defined time period.  i suppose this kind of approach would effectively replace the current fixed time setting for "are you still .." etc ..?

oh yes - and if we could somehow combine the best of this app, along with that of Work Coach (elsewhere on these forums), the world of work would surely be a perfectly managed place ..!!  :D

anyway, please let us all know whether any of our above hopes and dream might one day soon become reality ..!  :Thmbsup:

incidentally, not sure if it's one of the other time tracking apps people here had in mind by comparison, but AllNetic Working Time Tracker is a corker (albeit not as intuitive somehow as this one, of course) and you can still find a freeware version on the net if you google it  :)

ps nearly forgot to mention, thought the way Bitmeter app has integrated data directly into the app is a good example of how you might avoid the need to boot up excel - presume there must be some kind of free code out there you could "plug in" etc ..?

cheers ..

Love how this works. 

How about
1.  key command to give a yes/no answer when the prompt "still working on [  ]" comes up?
2.  some way of controlling where on the screen the prompt comes up



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