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DONE: Personal Software Process Time Logger

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Thanks a lot for implementing all this so fast.

However, I agree with jdmarch: I cannot get the new version 1.1 to work.
I get a different error though.
In line 368, I get:
error" ERROR" is not a valid keyname. The current thread will exit.

I'm using the latest version of ahk (1.0.44 -may 15th)

 :huh: Please try the exe-file 'till I can get it corrected.

Also, delete the existing ini-file!


Yes, skrommel, the EXE works perfectly. Thanks so much, it's beautiful! Several comments:

1. As I mentioned before, accelerator keys in the menu are more useful for me than hotkeys for each individual task. For now, I'm including ampersands in all the task names, which works fine but uglifies the CSV file. Interestingly, it took several rounds of Exit/Restart before the underscores were actually shown in the menu, maybe because I was editing the INI file directly rather than using the nice new configuration dialog (which I had not yet noticed).

2. The new pop-up dialogs are great. It would still be useful to have some way to see the running time whenever desired. Several possible ways to implement this:
 a) always show the reminder dialog in the background when popping up the  menu (my favorite, especially in combination with 3 and 4 below);
 b) show the running time directly in the menu.
 c) show the reminder text (which by default includes running time) in the About dialog.
 d) support a menu command to show the reminder dialog.

3. It seems that there's no way to dismiss the reminder dialog without the mouse. For a keyboard-centered user (and aren't most AHK users a little keyboard-centric?) this is annoying. Yet it is good that this dialog does not steal the focus... that would be *really* annoying!

If you implemented my suggestion (3a) then an easy solution would be that the reminder dialog always automatically closes when the menu closes, so the way to dismiss the reminder dialog would be to press the menu hotkey, then press Escape.

Another solution would be always to close the the reminder dialog before showing the menu.

4. Maybe support a tag <description> as well as <task> and <duration>? (Useful in reminder dialog.)

5. In configuration dialog, include the hint: Win=# along with the hints for Alt, Ctrl, Shift

Thanks again, this is really fine!

One small bug. Log Task1 with description1, then switch to Task2 with an empty description. Now to Task3 : the popup shows description1 for both Task2 and Task3 instead of an empty description.

Hi Skrommel,

Any chance we can look at the newest version's sources? I have had a few problems when adding >6 tasks, maybe because I didn't have 6 icons specified?

The error I got was:
nonexisiting menu item, specifically: pause
line 145
menu,tray, cucheck, %task%

Removing the ini file fixed it.

Thanks a lot!


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