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advice needed.....FirstDefense-ISR, ShadowProtect, ShadowUser, Rollback Rx???

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I guess I'd be better off getting a book on server 2008 and reading it :)
There might be functionality in it to replicate some parts of these solutions.

Is there anyone using a free alternative?

I was relying on Sandboxie as the surfing protection of choice, but it will never support 64 bit.  I'm wondering what people running Vista64 are using that's similar?

I liked Sandboxie because it was easy to turn it off when I wasn't using it.  Kind of a pain to reboot before installing even the smallest utility.  I don't like firewalls and av shields.  I'd rather use something that just traps and redirects disk writes like Sandboxie.. or at least a similar idea.


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