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FARR Plugin: PopQuotes - Search quote/fortune files

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I've finally gotten around to writing a FARR plugin that can read fortune and quotes files (same formats and configuration used in my Popup Wisdom program), and search them for keywords.

The main point of this plugin is to let you search many thousands of quotes to find ones that mention certain words, so you can past them in emails or whatever.

You could also use it with your own custom text files (one item per line).


May be I'm missing something it available for testing?  I have not succeeded in locating a link to download the plugin.

not available yet:
'm not sure if i will try to make this my NANY 2009 entry if i don't have time to do something else so it's not available yet, just wanted to mention that it's coded to avoid the remote possibility of someone else wasting time coding something similar.
--- End quote ---

Yes, I was missing something obvious!  Thanks for straightening me out :)

Early tester download:


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