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Windows Countdown Timer Showdown

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A great comparison of some features among 20 different timer applications.

I’ve found a good way to reduce procrastination is to set a timer and commit to working on a task for that period of time. It makes it easier for you to work on something you’ve been fearing because regardless of the outcome of the task, you get to stop when the timer dings. It’s really a way to trick yourself into doing something you’re avoiding, but it works, so I do it.

I wanted an application that made it as easy as possible to start a timer. I came up with the following requirements, in order of priority.

    * Free
    * Fast to start and stop the timer (fast application startup is good too)
    * Lightweight
    * Popup dialog displayed when timer is up
    * Remembers duration(s) set previously
    * Can disable audio alerts
    * Simple interface
    * Can pause timer
    * Minimizes to tray (Less of an issue when I discovered that TaskSwitch XP can minimize any application to tray by right-clicking the minimize button.
    * Visually appealing
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I found it amusing that he called my Instant Boss "too bossy".  ;D

I guess it's a good thing I didn't include that wav of my husband yelling at you to "get back to work".

Also, if the author would have looked a little further down Karen's page, he would have seen Karen's Time Cop, which counts up or down minutes, hours, (or days). Used it since it came out and it's wonderful for letting me know when to make a call or get to a meeting when immersed in a project.

Instant Boss - Too bossy :) I didn’t like all the preconfigured messages either.


Workrave - A bit too complex for my needs, but has short stretch intervals and other reminders to help reduce strain.
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I commented there (had to tone it down a bit first !!) :
First, thanks for the comparision!

I’m afraid I find that a ridiculous comment on Instant Boss - what do you mean by it being “too bossy” ?? and just commenting on the messages then seems pretty superficial to me…

I used to use Workrave before Instant Boss. I gave up on it because it was too in your face and didnt credit me with any intelligence/initiave - i.e. far too bossy for me at any rate (unless they’ve toned it down in the last year or so)

In fairness Workrave is aimed at people who have wrist/arm problems from use of the mouse & keyboard and who are trying to regulate their use of same

Too Bossy  :D lol

Need more light on that i guess


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