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church managment software

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Came across this site which may suit you its free up to 100 members and you get the full version seems like what you want


Stoic Joker: seems to be popular with some of the churches in this area. I haven't had to deal with it much (which is a good thing), other than upgrading a client to a new version. From what I've seen it's fairly straight forward, quite stable, easy to use, and given I don't recall anyone saying they wish it had X...feature rich.

So far Churchtrac seems to be the best in my opinion but have only glanced at the websites mentioned.  It looks like it will be a bit before I can look at them in depth.

thanks to all who posted!

I know a lot of churches have been using Fellowship One, no idea how much it costs.
-Edvard (November 13, 2008, 10:33 AM)
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With most packages where there is no price, they're usually pretty expensive. Somewhere around mortgage/sell your soul. But at that rate, they wouldn't have many customers in their niche now, would they? I suppose it's a bit cheaper then.

[Sorry -- couldn't resist that one there.  ;) ]

Maybe starting a new church program would be a good project for NANY 2009.


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