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Redirect screen output to clipboard

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usually we redirect output on command prompt screen to file eg dir /b /s >c:\filelist.txt but is there way to redirect those output directly to clipboard?

There's an utility that is used for AutoHotkey that puts what it reads to the clipboard. So, if you redirect the output to it, you should be good to go ;)
Get it here.

I wrote a small command line app in C++ I use all the time to do this.. If you are interested I could throw it up on my website..

I use cb often

dir /b /s |cb

There is a 512k limit. But this is no problem since i use it for small issues only and would redirect large amounts to file.

I would like to test ChalkTraumas as well  :P

Ok... I'll get something up on the site and post here when I do, since there is an interest.


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