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NANY 2009 Intro

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I'm out.  :(

Life has overtaken me. I am just too busy. I didn't get an early start like I hoped and I leave for Czech this Saturday. Sorry folks. My ToDo list is just to full right now. I'll see you folks again after I return from vacation.

Happy Holidays.

Perry Mowbray:
That's a pity tinjaw: home for holidays? All the best  :Thmbsup:

home for holidays?-Perry Mowbray (December 16, 2008, 07:22 AM)
--- End quote ---

Nope. But in a good way.  ;) I will be visiting with my girlfriend's family and friends in the Czech Republic.


I have a small program that would be ready (beta) for NANY 2009. I will call it keydb. With this standalone utility you can securely create, store and retrieve web login user names and passwords and any notes you might have. It uses an encrypted database for securing all data and an ini file to store configuration info, making it portable.

No helpfile yet ! should be intuitive enough to use without one. The goal was to make it as simple and as practical to use as possible. 

keydb is beta so testers are needed.  Please leave constructive feedback. Ideas for features, bugs, likes/dislikes or any other comments you might have.  :)

Thanks !


I'm new here, but would like to apply. I'm just about to release a new app and I think I can wait until Jan 1 to make it official. Have a couple questions though.

Does it qualify as donationware if the donation price is fixed (at $10-15), so long as there aren't any limitations in the unregistered copy?

Does a "please donate/register" reminder void the donationware status?

Is it too late to register? :P



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