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NANY 2009 Intro

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Not trying to rack up posts, but I tried to give an explaination of my program earlier and it wouldn't cooperate. So I'll try again.

It is a Bible Quiz, with over 1000 questions selected randomly. Play by yourself or with up to 6 players. Lots of whistles-n-bells also.

Avaliable for preview and download at my web site Be sure to look at the screen shots first.


OK. Sign me in.

I am working on files comparison tool which will use Total Commander's WDX plugins.

I hope my tool will be good for few people :)

I´ll come up to the NANY-challenge 2009 with a Multi-User Ticket/Controlling/Noter/Idea-Management-System called CrushPad (it´s what you like it to be! :P).

You can create categories & subcategories, tickets with notes and working states, edit/delete/search them by categories/date/case-insensitive strings/working states. If the program´s running from a network drive several users can work simultaneously collision-free with the same database that´s automatic refreshing if changes are detected. Exporting the result-list after searches to .csv files for spreadsheets is supported. ;D

I was wondering if it would be worth starting a thread to call forward testers for prereleases. With NANY because you have to present a new app in a small timeframe, sometimes getting around to testing things is harder. Authors could post the idea of their projects, people willing to test the prereleases could get in touch and the rest could go via private IMs. Any point to doing this centrally to improve NANY apps?

I think it's a good idea -- in fact, i'd suggest every NANY participant each start there own thread in the NANY 2009 section, and title it something like "NANY 2009 Release: YOUR WORKING TITLE HERE".

So each NANY 2009 app will have it's own thread and you can request testers, post teaser screenshots, etc.


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