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NANY 2009 Intro

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I'll join in this year but only if the theme is optional. I'm pretty sure whatever I'm working on won't fit the theme.

I can try to make a program that calls out "Hello world!"  :(

Seriously, will be fun following the different apps, so good luck to all participants!

Let's say the theme is optional.. though truly you can be creative with a theme of "Savings" and apply it to almost anything.

quick note...
If you don't have an idea for a project that you can implement in a short time, please consider picking up an open-source project and coutribute to it a feature or two that you would want. Besides being an incredible mind excercise (reading somebody else's code is challenging, but you might improve a lot if you do it well), your end result could be more interesting than a tool that you slapped together by yourself.

For example, I'm considering getting some ruby project and contribute to it. Would that be good for the NANY challenge? Otherwise, I'm bond to do some crappy timekeeping proggie like last year :)

well it has to involve the release of a NEW APP.. you could start a new open source project.. or release a new plugin for some existing program, but you cant just add some code to an existing application -- that wouldnt qualify.


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