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NANY 2009 Intro

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The N.A.N.Y. 2009 Challenge:
New Apps for the New Year
Here is my challenge to all of you with some coding skills.  Join me in pledging to release a new program/utility/game on JANUARY 1st, 2009 to celebrate the new year!

It doesn't matter how big it is, but it must go live to the public as freeware/donationware between Dec 31 and Jan 1st, 2009.

We will give out fun prizes (custom dc mugs celebrating the event or something like that), for all coders who live up to their pledges.

Ground rules:

* You have to state you are participating well before the actual date (you shouldn't just wait until Dec 31 to reveal whether you decided to participate or not); ideally announce by posting a reply on this thread before dec 7, if possible.  DECEMBER 7 is our goal to have the pledges.
* This can't be an update of an existing program - has to be a new program.
* You can post the program on your own website, etc. - you don't have to be affiliated with - you still get to announce it as part of the N.A.N.Y. Challenge.
Ok, who's in for this fun challenge!?


* The key thing here is that it be a new release, unveiled for all to freely use on January 1st.
* It doesn't have to be a windows application.  It can be mac, linux, etc. [though cross platform would be better]
* Or it can be a web-based service.

I'm in.. Still haven't decided what to program but I'm in.

Web applications are fine too -- and we can provide hosting space if you like.

Should we have a theme this year?

I'll try to participate in my first NANY, i'll have to finish my program before the holidays though so expect my program to be released mid december.

To see what programs were produced during NANY of previous years:


Count on me  :)



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