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I've been using FindRun for awhile now and I must say it is a handy program.  I'vee also noticed a weird thing: despite checking the "Remove Duplicate Entries" option I still get two entries pointing to the same files.  I could understand if it was a different file extension, but sometimes I get two links that are .exe or two that are .knt etc.  Is this me?  Also, is there a way to remove duplicate pointers even if they have different extensions? 

Finally, i have also noticed that FindRun is sometimes forced out of focus during crucial times.  For example if I open one application, then while it's starting,  I begin to open another one, when the first application fully opes it steals focus and FindRun is left sitting there looking pretty.  And when this happens, the pause/break key doesnt close the window, presumeably because FindRun doesnt have focus.  I have tried this with "Prevent other applications from stealing focus" in XP and still no luck.  I will not however, be surprised if removing me from the equation would solve all problems!! 

Also, just to be a big pain in the butt, has the next version been started yet?  ;)  Great program, keep it up!


f&r will get a real update soon - i have some features i really want to add, and f&r is in need of some tweaking. i will try to find some time in the next 7 days to do the update for it and address these issues.

if you can find a specific search that yields duplicate entries, please write it down so we can test to make sure i fix it in the next release.  i will see if i can improve the focus isse - i seem to remember experiencing this myself at some point..

I dont really do any fancy sequence to get it to generate duplicates... certain searches just give them.  I have one .exe that shows two matches ot the .exe and one to the .lnk.  A keynote file shows two references to the .knt file and one to the .lnk file.  I dont do anything different... anything you can think of?  I'll test it,


what might be causing it is that the actual shortcut links might be slightly different, like difference in case, even though they show identically in the list.  it should be fixable in the next release, just make a note will you of a string you can type to generate some so that we can check to verify i've fixed it.


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