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New FARR plugin : FSubScript enable loading of multiple javascript plugins

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please find an attempt at recursively searching for fsubscript.js to a limited depth.
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Attached, please find the latest.

Some changes include:


* checking for existence of plugin search, trigger, and receive functions before attempting to call them
3 plugins are bundled with this archive:

* colors
* Akete
* Mixer - this is a repackaging of Webgrab
ecaradec, I had a question about some of the code in FSubScript/fscript.js -- specifically the .showSettings() and .settingsChanged() lines that sit outside of the for () {} constructs, but as I was composing this post, I think I figured out that I was confused, so please disregard the comments there :)

Could you pls create a txt help file with all functions and other calls that fsubscript coder can use?
also pls bundle fscript.dll :)

May be ecaradec wouldn't mind updating his "fingers in the nose" guide :)

I must say it is a great plugin  :Thmbsup:

Just an idea:

* not only fsubscript.js should be searched but maybe files fsubscript*.js so you can have more files in one folder
Here is my corrected fsubscript plugin
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and JScalc:
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fsubscript changes:

* all fsubscript*.js are loaded (for example fsubscript_JSON.js)
* implemented onSetStrValue
* implemented onInitJSCalc changes:

* rewriten to work with fsubscript only
* new TriggerCharacters settings added where you can define special characters which are to trigger JScalc (default is "TriggerCharacters":"/\\$\\*\\+\\-\\^\\(\\)" )


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