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New FARR plugin : FSubScript enable loading of multiple javascript plugins

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FSubScript: i like the new name.  And great progress!! The one thing i think is really key is being able to have the subscripts run using their own independent keywords and regexes.

ewe:  going to try Akete right now.  What is especially cool is that your script might be first plugin to actually take over launching of normal files, which would serve as a great example for others wanting to know how to do it.

Where do we put the scripts? in a subdirectory of FSubScript?

The one thing i think is really key is being able to have the subscripts run using their own independent keywords and regexes.
-mouser (November 16, 2008, 10:17 AM)
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Do you mean configuring them ? or using them ?
I tried to use aliases for the independent keywords but it does not work right now because the alias replace the group name. This is why I needed to use the void parameters but it does not seem to work right now as I said. This would be nicer because it would allow the subplugins to look more like ordinary plugins

I put together a FSubScript plugin - Akete.
-ewemoa (November 16, 2008, 10:08 AM)
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Felicitation you are a pionner of a new era :)
For your question in the plugin about the settings : One way to create options is to send a autohotkey executable, however you can do it the way you like. You need to send a message WM_USER+1 to the window name FScript/FSubScript. Autohotkey program can do this. However an IE with a registered custom protocol could do it to. UI in javascript is a bit tricky. I think I like the autohotkey solution the more.

I don't know if it is better to set script plugins in a subdirectory of fsubscript, or in a subdirectory of plugins or directly with other plugins. I like the solution 3 because it mean that it is a normal plugin. However, they are not normal plugin. It may not be a good idea. I'm not sure what's best.

i guess i dont know how to have a script actually be discovered by fsubscript..
it worked with early versions of multi script but not with current one.. when i bring up advanced options i just get empty list box.

i think it makes sense to have scripts be in subdirectory of fsubscript.

also i dont understand what you are saying about sending a windows message to fsubscript.

ok i see why it wasnt finding the subscripts -- you have it looking in one directory deep inside the parent directory.
moving the scripts to the main Plugins directory makes it work.

i'll note that if you make it search arbitrarily deep in the parent Plugins\ directory, it would find subscripts whether they are in their own top level plugin directory, OR subdir of FSubScript, which would be nice and handle all cases.


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