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New FARR plugin : FSubScript enable loading of multiple javascript plugins

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One thing we should keep in mind -- i know ecaradec is doing a bit more work on this as we speak -- so it might make sense to hold off messing with the code until ecaradec is ready to pass the torch to someone else -- just to avoid duplication of effort.

I'm broke :)

I improved the now renamed FSubScript. There was some bugs in icons, results triggering, that should be now fixed. I also added a system to handle settings using ahk plugins. I made some improvement to make the scripts look like more like normal plugins. There might be bugs. There are centainly bugs.
However FSubScript begin to be usable. I'll let the dc community write all those wonderful plugins for farr that I hope FSubScript will help.

Tips :
- The new alias is fssc : for FarrSubSCript. Type fssc +colors to try the useless sample plugin.
- Don't define an alias for the plugins. It doesn't work currently. I need to use the groupname to identify subplugins and groupname is overwritten when an alias is defined.

See the links in the first post for downloading the last version.   :-*

Thanks for your continued efforts!

I had some fun pasting RGB triples  ;)

Hope to have something more substantial to add before too long.

Thanks ecaradec for:

function onProcessTrigger(path, title, groupname, pluginid, thispluginid, score, entrytype, args)
--- End quote ---

I am having more luck experimenting with file associations being handled by FARR (overriding / ignoring registry-based settings)  :Thmbsup:

I put together a FSubScript plugin - Akete.

Briefly, this allows one to customize launching of files via FARR.  A user can specify a file-extension -> executable association [1] via FARR's User Variable support.  The archive contains a README.txt with details.

[1] Live free of the registry -- long live portable apps :)


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