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New FARR plugin : FSubScript enable loading of multiple javascript plugins

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Couldn't get it to quite work here ...
i put Scripter and Colors both in a new parent directory.
Scripter was loaded by FARR, and it seems to have found the Colors script -- since if i typed scipter it listed "Colors"

but typing: colors

had no effect (just showed files with the word colors in them).

Sub-plugins are exposed as modifiers. You have to type : "scripter +colors". It also complete with tab.
I agree that scripter is a very bad name. I didn't change it because I hardcode it in many places.

I'll let everybody propose names for the plugins. FMS is nice by the way.

first of all, thank you for your share :Thmbsup: .I have also been thinking of providing similar solution, but I was waiting if you are going to solve it on dll basis, since such a solution is javascript limited.

I am not familiar with how the plugin system works, but I guess dll basis might involve direct modifications of FARR as well, which might be long run development.

Another semi-solution which comes into my mind as non C++ programmer might be to create a dll file which would just point to a real fscript.dll. So the pointer would take fscript.dll as some kind of library. Then under any modification of fscript.dll, the pointer would remain unchanged.

This is a FScript based plugin. Sub-plugins are in fact plugins for the scripter plugin, not directly FARR plugins. There isn't any support for regex based search, and I'm not sure that I could add it.

The nice thing is that it will allow to develop a librairies around the scripter plugin to help developpement of future sub-plugins.
The not the good is that all scripts are loaded in the same script engine (this is what will allow the first point ) and that means that plugins can interfer each others. It is relatively pointless to create plugins that would break the system so I hope that future plugins writers will take care of not breaking their environment. Currently plugins could remove others plugins, break them but also add them dynamically.

Yes you are right that it brings quite significant advantages and can faster development of JS plugins.

For example I guess FARR update system will not work for it, but I can imagine script plugin to be used for new JS plugin installations, maintanace etc.

Well if you do not mind I can make my new goal to make kind of sofisticated JS plugin portal, or we can make it a colaborative work together with other JS coders (ewemoa etc) :)


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