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New FARR plugin : FSubScript enable loading of multiple javascript plugins

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FSubScript enable to load multiple javascript plugins in FARR without adding the FScript.dll for each. It should make it easier to write script plugins, share code between them and build a great FARR :)

The latest versions of FSubScript are maintained and improved by CZB. You can get it from the CZB with many plugins.

wha?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! ALREADY!!?!?!?!  :o

Why do I need to go to sleep now!

FWIW, loads and works here  :Thmbsup:

Oh, I completely forgot ... thank you so much!

Wow - wow - wow!

This was unexpected - I thought that you might take a look over the weekend, and report back to us that the task was monsterously difficult, but that you might give it a go in the new year.

But no! Instead you whip up a complete solution and drop it on us like a 100 ton bomb of javascripting goodness :)

Congratulations on a supreme effort!

I think it needs a better name than "Scripter"..

Maybe EMSF (ecaradec's mutiscripter for farr)?
or FMS (farr multi-scripter)?


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