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phraseexpress: how does it work?

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I know there are some serious users of phraseexpress here. I have tried, it watched videos, read docs, etc, and still I don't get it. How does it work? I want it to replace intellicomplete, that is, it'll do autocompletion of words, giving suggestions. But I've tried all parameter combinations and it doesn't work. It only offers silly suggestions like "I'm" (really!).

My guess is that it interacts with some other tool, because I cannot find any other explanation. I posted in their forums, but the couldn't offer any help (and my post was accidentally deleted by them; go figure).

Are there any known interactions? Do you get suggestions from the get go or do you have to wait till it learns? I tried repeating the same word several times and it didn't do anything with it.

The problem is clearly specified: do the exact same thing that intellicomplete does!


sri seems to be the chief PhraseExpress enthusiast; try a PM?

Otherwise, have you looked at these?

* jgpaiva's abbreviations importer
plus link to jgpaiva's AHK tools
* Harrie's review of Instant Text, and following posts
* Word AutoCompleter (mentions IntelliComplete, AutoTyping, LetMeType, AllChars, Type Pilot)
* Typing Assistant
External links:

* Productivity Talk - Harrie's own forum site for (primarily) Medical Transcriptionists
* Jon Knowles site on typing productivity
* Jon Knowles' ABCZ typing abbreviation system

I used to use PhraseExpress but now use AutoHotkey, which is much more powerful. It has a large and active user forum. In addition it is free! If your prime interest is autocomplete look here:

AHK autocomplete

I used to use PhraseExpress but now use AutoHotkey, which is much more powerful.-stewcam (November 12, 2008, 08:49 PM)
--- End quote ---

How do you back up this statement? I clearly doubt it.

I also tried a few of these programs like DirectAccess, AutoHotkey and PhraseExpress but PhraseExpress is absolutely the best of them all.

AutoHotkey misses support for formatted text, the AutoHotkey "user interface" is like vomit, it is tedious to add new snippets, it does not allow to assign multiple text strings to one single abbreviation. AutoHotkey also does not allow to group phrases in categories and you can't limit Autotexts to a specific programs. It also cannot import your AutoCorrect entries you created in Microsoft Word.

The only AutoHotkey benefit is that it is more powerful in the macro scripting department but at the cost of complexity.

Name one Autotext related feature which is in AutoHotkey which you miss in PhraseExpress or dump your false statement... ;-)


For this specific feature (autotext) I have to agree that I can't see how AHK is more powerful than PE, although it's obviously more powerful in the sense that it can do a whole lot more, but that's just because it's a completely different type of application.

I can highly recommend PhraseExpress (which is free for personal use). Very easy to use and very powerful for autotext stuff. Just wish there was a linux version too :/


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