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phraseexpress: how does it work?

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I agree with TucknDar, ahk is a programming language and phraseExpress is a tool for a specific need.
You can write something similar in ahk (in fact, I started, and abandoned the project).

Anyway I still cannot get PE to work as advertised.
I want it to predict every single word.
Example, if I type now p-r-e it should suggest a list like '1-predict, 2-pretentious...' etc.
Here's a pic of my settings:

Have you actually entered the words you want to be predicted? Phrase Express can only suggest what you entered before a couple of times.

I would also disable the automatic precision detection.


If I type a word a few times, it still doesn't predict it.
It offers no predictions whatsoever.

Checked this page?

I have no problems with the feature. Something must have gone wrong on your PC. Have you tried to remove and reinstall?

Carol Haynes:
Merida - are you in anyway related to the PhraseExpress product? You have posted a few messages recently and most seem to be promoting PhraseExpress. That isn't a problem but if you have a financial or intellectual stake in the product it would be nice to know it.


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