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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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I've been using Nitro PDF for a while now. Although its UI is bloated and slow, I like it ..  :P

[email protected], do you print to pdf from your Internet browser and much too often find that Nitro has made the proper title of the file disappear and replaced it with Untitled.pdf?
Mine does this quite often, and it is disappointing. I have not been able to spot any pattern in when it does or doesn't.

Hmm, while the file name defaults to Untitled.pdf, I haven't experienced title loss yet. Maybe I should keep an eye on that.

Due to the normal asking price, I have not yet tried this myself:

PagePlus X6 also makes for a killer PDF editor, with functions that include the ability to open, edit, and save PDFs, share PDF forms, and more.-Bits du Jour
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"50% off" -deal coming "soon":

Full PDF editing and broad compatibility

Fully edit PDFs from anywhere, with more flexibility than any other desktop publishing software – ideal for updating and refreshing existing documents or correcting errors in PDFs before they are distributed or printed. Full PDF editing power lets you move, resize, recolour, replace anything in the design, add new text and images, include bookmarks and notes, merge multiple PDFs, manage pages, and add security. It’s like editing a normal PagePlus file – there is nothing you can’t do!

Editing PDFs is easy with PagePlus X6 (see video)
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This is one of the longer running threads, so I'll bring up the topic of Adobe again. Much earlier posts remarked on interface problems - for Acrobat 10 Adobe put about half of the features into a sliding command bar on the right side. It looks simple enough to me. Meanwhile, a big new feature in Adobe Pro is it can mostly compare two PDFs and annotate a report with the differences. So sometimes if the "flagship program" in a field can keep innovating, it knocks out a lot of the alternatives.  So for editing, it's Adobe Pro for me.

But for reading, I like exploring some of the smaller apps.


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