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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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edited: on second thought this may be for existing customers only - they only ask you to paste your existing license code AFTER the purchase has been made - but I am really not sure.

Back to the initial subject: a recommendable pdf EDITOR:

Nitro PDF Professional v6 + OCR upgrade

will be launched in January 2010 but is on offer right now:

This could be a winner, Curt. If they retain the OCR version price as the upgrade price for future versions, it will be a bargain. For now, I'm sticking with Nuance's PDF Converter Pro, but I have two licenses for Nitro PDF Professional 6 that I have installed on other computers. Quite impressive, though I am under-whelmed with its start up speed! Another plus is that they offer true 32 bit and 64 bit versions, which classes them ahead of Nuance. With OCR, they will be very competitive. Crumb, I'm quite tempted to pre-order the OCR version...

I should add that my price ended at $92 because of VAT and a $10 "OCR upgrade assurance" (whatever that might be). This price made me a little sad.

Also, the reason for Nitro's slow launching is of course, that it doesn't have a speed launcher placed in Start! hahahadobe.

I was looking at Nuance and was tempted, but the price tag kept me from even trialing it.

I was looking at Nuance and was tempted, but the price tag kept me from even trialing it.
-Curt (December 29, 2009, 05:57 PM)
--- End quote ---

I usually buy it on sale - often I can buy the full version (not an upgrade) for less than Nuance's normal upgrade pricing if I wait for one of their (frequent) sales. Thus, I bought a full copy of version 6 Pro for $59.99! However, Curt, I think that you are onto a good thing with Nitro  :Thmbsup:

- thanks for the positive thoughts, Darwin. I hope you will be right, because those $92 made it my single most expensive upgrade!


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