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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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One feature Acrobat 9 Standard does that its previous version does not is the creation of Forms. You had to get Acrobat 8 Professional in order to do Forms.

what's worse about Nuance (unless they've changed their tune of late) is that they won't let you run a trial of their software
-Darwin (December 08, 2008, 08:12 AM)
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They've changed their tune!  They just told me they now offer a 15-day trial, and also that it's a personal license to this extent: The software is licensed per user so as long as it's no concurrent use you could use it at home and at work as long as it was licensed to the company.
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I went ahead and pulled the trigger on PDF Converter Professional. Bought it as a downloadable copy from for $64.99 plus today only (while funds last) they have a 15% back offer if you pay using PayPal. You would get the credit sometime in January.

PS to rjbull - should have noted that you can often pick up boxed versions of Nuance apps in places like Staples cheaper than the on-line discounts.
-Darwin (December 11, 2008, 12:27 PM)
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We do have Staples in the UK, but I hardly ever get to places like that.  In fact I think I'd more or less forgotten about buying software from a retail outlet, expecting everything to be done online, and certainly anything worthwhile.

Thanks for the heads-up.  I'll try to make a detour next time I'm anywhere near a Staples, just to see what's on offer.

From this offer

you may download EpertPDF 4

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