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What's on your flash drive?

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I've been putting together a flash drive with enough software installed to let me be useful on most any Windows PC. I've found a good deal of useful portable apps, and I wonder if anybody can add to the list. I started out with the 1GB edition of winPenPack, and then found these other things:

SoftMaker Office 200867MBI like this much better than the OpenOffice that comes with winPenPack, so I deleted that (freeing up a ton of space) and put this in its stead. List price $80, but you can find it for much cheaper.UltraExplorer6MB + pluginsOn my desktop I use DOpus, but don't have the portable license. After a bit of searching, this seems to be the best free portable explorer for a DOpus lover. Takes TotalCommander plugins for its file viewer, too.Diagram Designer<1MB (wow)I really don't like the open-source Dia (portable here). Diagram Designer offers really good diagramming without the bells-and-whistles that I've never used anyway, for an incredibly small space premium.Python development environment92MB total
* Movable Python - A python runtime that's portable. Not free, but at 5GBP it's close enough for me.
* SPE (Stani's Python Editor), a pretty decent Python IDE in under 6MBGames
* Jooleem Portable - a marble matching game
* LBreakout2 Portable
* Sudoku PortableIrfanView10MB with pluginsImage viewerSysInternals ProcessExplorer3.5MBMonitor what the system's doingUnknown Devices<1MBFind out what the mystery devices in your computer are.TestDisk<3MBDisk partition recovery

Lupo Pensuite - is on one of my 2GB flash drives, uses ~300MB.

System Rescue CD - is on another bootable 2GB, also includes an (mainly) unattended XP installation, WinBuilder LiveXP, Acronis Recovery ISO, Hitachi Feature Tool ISO, various bootable floppy images (eg. Ranish Partition Manager, Darik's Boot and Nuke, DOS, etc, etc), PuppyLinux, Damn Small Linux, DOS apps, Windows Apps and a lot more.  All, (well mostly), selected by boot menu, mixture of GRUB4DOS and syslinux.

An Imation Atom 2GB stores encrypted stuff in a secure partition.

And another 2GB is just for junk  :D

What can I say.....they were cheap  :P

I'm not using a flash drive, but I've started a separate partition (actually a file being treated as a drive via ImDisk) for portable apps -- the idea here is that my inevitable OS-reinstall can be made much less time-consuming because in theory, I shouldn't have to muck w/ at least the partition with the portable apps (as a bonus, I can have multiple OS installations use the same portable apps).

I started with the just-mentioned Lupo Pensuite and have been carving away things from its Apps directory that I don't use and have been adding updates and new apps to its Plus directory.

The file-being-treated-as-an-image is about 2GB in size so I could move the content to a flash drive at some point -- my current usage comes in at around 1.7GB and WindirStat (portable of course!) tells me that the big users of space are:

* Chrome - about 500MB (> 400MB is in a Data folder)
* OpenOfficePortable - about 250MB
* JDK - about 160MB
* emacs - about 130MB
* GnuCash - about 100MB
* Firefox - about 70MB
As to what I've found useful [1], that would be (apart from what's mentioned above) [2]:

* 7-zip
* ASuite
* AutoHotkey
* CCleaner
* DcUpdater
* DirSyncPro
* Eraser
* FileZilla
* Find and Run Robot (and some of its plugins)
* Freemind (though I modified its startup batch file -- their FAQ gives some tips)
* Icons From File
* ImgBurn
* JFileSync (though I modified its startup batch file)
* Nirsoft Utilities (as in, many things from there)
* Pidgin
* ProcessTamer
* PSPad
* RecentRun
* ReNamer
* ResizeEnable
* ScreenshotCaptor
* SpeedCrunch
* Sysinternals Suite
* TapTap Hotkey Extender
* TaskSwitch XP
* The Regex Coach
* TicToc Title
* Universal Extractor
* Virtuawin
On a side note, I'm hoping some of the up-and-coming file association managing tools will come out of development states (and get tested) and I hope to come across some good app/system to manage keeping apps up-to-date (looks like I should take a look at: FreewareUpdater).

[1] I made separate categories in ASuite for things that I'm pretty sure I'll be using (based on recent experience or gut feeling), things I'm trying, things that have problems, etc. -- what I mentioned here is from what I'm sure I'll be using.

[2] Some of these are specific portable versions and some just worked as is

Hello CWuestefeld,

You mentioned that you can buy Softmaker Office for a much cheaper price. Could you please let us know where and for how much?

I've just discovered Softmaker -- it loads really fast and everything about it is great.

Many thanks,

Practically nothing...   :P
[*]symbols.txt <- a txt file that has a lot of symbols (like ÄÃÂÁÀÅäãâáàåª)

Total size: 1.26MB
Free space: 3.73GB


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