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Tagging Files (Tag Everything)

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Paul Keith:
kartal, I've mentioned Compendium so many times in the other threads here that it sounds like I'm shilling but you might want to consider that.

It's a java app so it's slow and the interface might not appeal to you but it's much more stable.

I know PersonalBrain also does that though it's not free and very expensive.

I'd also like to point out that Evernote 3.0 Premium has a way of uploading documents now and Incollector is a tag based notetaker that allows you to tag urls and text links. You guys probably know of how Google Docs has labels so you could possibly use Incollector in conjunction with it.

Tobu is another alternative that someone from another thread recommended to me.

Compendium (Download Alpha, it's a much more updated stable version)



But what are these apps using for tag storage? If they are using proprietary datastores this makes using them utterly unsatisfactory. The OS needs to provide transparent metadata, accessible to all; not rely on these information-rich data islands.

Paul Keith, I have used COmpedium long time ago. I thought it was cool but the problem with is that it requires certain kinf of Java and might end up messing up other installations that rely on newer versions of java.

I was not looking for tagger, I just saw the link and tried it.

There is also that could be used for tagging. But It seems like it is not under developement anymore.

Paul Keith:
kartal, that's true.

I don't know, I haven't experienced any problems with any of my files yet so I thought it must be doing something right. I'm not a programmer though so I don't know what kind of metadata changes it does to the files.

I do have a specific folder set up at the center of my desktop specifically for files I put in Compendium though.


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