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Help with xml files from website


Ok i've just begun learning VB 08 using ebooks and microsoft's 'how do i' videos. I have been trying to build a client that will access data from a site and present it, along with some other info. Specifically, there is a site called, which recommends movies based on some movies that you enter that you liked. When you query the site through it's API (, it returns a simple xml document that i would like to parse. Then i wanna display all the movies and music it recommends, along with the IMDB ratings etc. However, when going through MS tuts, i found out that to use a web service directly, you need access to a .asmx page. Otherwise, you need to have some kind of 'discovery document' on that page to find out what services that page offers. However, VB can't find any such disco doc on that site. Is there any way i can directly access the xml file, and then just parse it using systems.xml. Can anyone give any advice or link me to some good clear tutorials for programming noobs. Most examples given in MS documentation only reference to their TerraServer service, which works like a gem because it was built to work that way.
Any help would be really really appreciated. And btw, where are the programming assignments for the Basic Programming school guys?


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