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Why social networks are a threat to life as some know it

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40hz , do not worry, your original intention was understood properly here :)

What I was trying to say that when many  people talk about issues they forget that they lack some quality information to push their ideas. I personally like to insist on ideas that I am %100 sure and I understand very well.

When people stop being cheap and start actually paying for their web servers and space, they will see that most of the web server companies out there offer these kinds social networking applications  either installed or ready to install on their servers. You just click a button and it install itselfs on the server and you will have your own little social site. You never know maybe you can sell it to google as well one day.

I don't think you're paranoid; actually, I follow what you write about privacy because as you say, you have an understanding of these technologies.
I don't, and it all seems very complicated to me, so I'd rather err om the side of caution.

But...I thought in a previous post you indicated that you liked social networking, perhaps I'm mistaken?
I think it was twitter?

Anyway, I consider your views to be conservative and well thought-out.
That's all.

I would like ask one thing thou, how come a big player like Microsoft(I believe it was ms) offered some zillion dollars to FB? Obviously there needs to be some sort of financial return so that MS offered such giant number. Do you think  that MS offered such giant number so that they could operate a public chat room only? You people are naive in my book.
-kartal (November 01, 2008, 03:50 AM)
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In the ads war, paying for the privilege of being the sole provider of ads for an audience of more than 100 million is expected :)

And you definitely won't see me using gmail (or any other free mail service, for that matter!) for anything personal/important.
-f0dder (November 01, 2008, 06:09 AM)
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Ooops! :-[


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