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How do I toggle the dock from a desktop shortcut? Dumb question?


This is very cool, using it on my touchscreen notebook and Q1 UMPC. 

I'd like to be able to toggle the program when it's already running from a shortcut.  This would allow me to reassign a button on the outside of the tablet in slate mode to bring up CD, or to autohide the taskbar and still be able to use my fingers to get to my programs (instead of the mouse).

 I tried linking to the circledock.exe, but that tries to execute a 2nd instance of Circle Dock. 

Can anyone help?  Thanks.

Set circle dock to a hotkey, like CTRL+ALT+Z (at least that's mine, you can pick anything)  then set your button to hit that key combination.   

Should work fine.  At least it does for me :)

Got this to work with AutoIT.  Now I have a shortcut on the screen that can toggle CD when I hit it with my finger.  This is great!


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