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Feature request : middle click launch shortcut and let CircleDock opened

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I think the best way to solve this, no matter what combination of clicks or keys someone uses, is to add a check box as an option that says "leave CD open after launching a file/folder" or something like that, that adds that funcionality to whoever needs it.

I have DC Open/Close assigned to a spare mouse button. Stays open when I call it until I choose to hide it. No problem.

The problem I see is that the middle button is typically used to hide/show the dock and Circle Dock won't know if you intended to hide/show the dock or if you wanted to open a program.
-VideoInPicture (November 12, 2008, 11:27 AM)
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I won't agree on that: a lot of people use middle button to open/close tabs in Firefox, for example, or in ICQ messengers like QIP, and these got used to "open in a tab or new window and leave what I have here untouched" behavior when middle-click, so an option to "open and hide" when left-clicked and "open and stay" when (e.g.) middle-clicked would be nice.


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