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Feature request : middle click launch shortcut and let CircleDock opened

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Well, the title says it all :) When Windows starts, there are a few programs i always launch (Firefox, Thunderbird, FeedDemon). I usually use Circle Dock to start them, but every time i click an icon, Circle Dock disappears and i have to call it back. It'd be great if one could middle-click an icon so it launches the shortcut and lets CircleDock visible so you can click another one.

This said, great program ! :)

Suggestion noted. I think it might be better to have an option to keep Circle Dock open if you hold down CTRL while clicking.

Personnally, i'd really prefer middle button, because i like to use Circle Dock as a "mouse only launcher", for example when i'm in the back of my chair with the keyboard out of reach :) Maybe letting the user choose the hotkey would be the best solution.

The problem I see is that the middle button is typically used to hide/show the dock and Circle Dock won't know if you intended to hide/show the dock or if you wanted to open a program.

I guess all you need to do is make sure the user can't choose the same hotkey for both operations. Sorry if it's too much to ask.


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