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Best Python IDE

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Here is my current conclusion

I think that the best Python editor is
Vim(gvim) + Ipython(when possible)
There are some scripts for Vim under Linux that makes Ipython embedding possible inside Vim. But on Windows I could not find any viable option to have a sensible Python shell inside Vim

the best Python IDE is
Eclipse+Pydev+Vim(via Eclim)+Vrapper(Vim commands inside Eclipse)

I know that WingsIde and Komodo Ides are pretty neat too, but they are way out of my budget. To me writing Python code is more about having some fun and learning so my needs are mainly about editing speed, searching etc. I do not have needs like Team environment and serious source code versioning.

i'm trying pyscripter for really bare bones editing and running small scripts and am happy with its interface; the others just seemed to heavy for my primitive needs to tinker.

ps. i know this won't win me any fans but python syntax, especially object oriented stuff, is much, much worse than i remembered since the last time i did real python coding a couple years ago.  coming from a c++ background, it's pretty close to unbearable.

What I like about Pyscripter is that you do not need to save a script to run the script. So I use it as scratch pad frequently although it offers very sophisticated tools.  I am addicted to Vim and MicroEmacs, so for me using any other editor to write scripts is not that much fun. On the  other hand if you are starting Python I think that Pyscripter is very well defined tool and it helps alot along the  way. One other nice thing with Pyscripter is that it has inline Python shell and it is very light weight compared to Eclipse or Netbeans.

mouser, would  you mind explaining basic differences between C++ and Python oop stuff? I just have very small understanding of C++. The main programming languages I have ever used are Tubo Pascal 5 :) and Python

by the way, i have to withdraw my recommendation of pyscripter because of a rather glaring and serious bug where it insists on running older versions of files:

Wing is the best for the simple reason that it is one of the few that allows completion while in debug mode.

it's not cheap, though. On the other hand, it has saved me on more than one occasion when no other combination of tools would work (i.e. catching intermediate Python processes fired by other processes).


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