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Needed ... MD5 checksum utility

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Carol Haynes:
Mouser - (anyone) any idea on this ...

Using BeyondCompare it says two files are not the same. Here is the screen shot - can anyone see a difference or explain?

hahah - they sure look the same.

but i'll bet its that they have different settings in:
archive bit, readonly bit, etc.

you can configure bc to igore or care about such things.

bc can be a bit confusing at first but once you get used to it its very powerful and convenient too (once you learn where things are).

Carol Haynes:
Here is another - and I have displayed all colmns - so it isn't attributes ...

could be one of the other 2 timestamps that are not shown?
modification date, read date, creation date?

Carol Haynes:
I notice in the browser context menu is a 'Compare Contents ..." option. If I use that on all the files flagged so far it says they are identical ???


Timestamps should be the smae as they were copied a a straight aprtition copy.


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