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Texts in Quick Paste menu is not escaped for &


Jesper Hertel:
I just noticed that the texts in the Quick Paste menu is not escaped for the ampersand (&). The problem is that this affects the keyboard shortcuts.

See this:

Note that item B is not underscored but that the "s" in "undefinedsUrl" is underscored. Actually, it should be "undefined&s", but the "&s" is given unescaped to Windows, which then interprets it as a shortcut.

I noticed it because I often press Ctrl+½ (my shortcut to Quick Paste) and then S1 to paste my e-mail address, but this time it doesn't work, because the S matches the item B.

The solution is simple: Escape all "&" characters before passing any "unknown" texts on to the Windows interface.


Thank you, i will fix.  :up:
(there will be a new CHS release in next week or so)

Jesper Hertel:
Thanks, mouser! :)

I don't know how I could live without your programs before I discovered them - especially Find and Run Robot, Clipboard Help+Spell, and ScreenshotCaptor! :-*


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