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Critical vulnerability in Windows

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It's rare that Microsoft decides to release a patch for Windows outside the monthly Patch Tuesday, but today they decided to do just that. The vulnerability is located in the Server service, and just like many others before allows remote code execution. It's rated as highly critical, and according to the details published in the Secunia advisory, it's a 0-day exploit, so it's better to patch sooner than later.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that even the private builds of Windows 7 are affected.
via Unhandled Perception

Thanks for the heads up  :)

FWIW, I've applied the update on 3 machines and so far haven't encountered any obvious problems.

Ditto -- thanks for the heads up.. Installed on winxp 64 no problem.

Two machines here and no problems.

Remote code execution is nasty, and this one in particular because on some configurations it can be done without having any credentials on the system. Still, firewall or NATing router, and then it really isn't all that bad :)


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