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Voice thru Modem port to landline?


How/Can I use a (sony vaio laptop) modem port as a direct dial voice line?
    I want to use a set of usb/headphones with a landline.

btw-This setup is not for my own use - I have not had a landline for awhile, and I'm out of date re using modems;-)


Maybe a bit of overkill....

...but you might want to take a look at 3CX: they offer a free PBX (up to 10 users iirc) that should be able to convert the signals from your headset to a useable format for landlines. Check the modem support to see if the modem from the Vaio is in the list.

Have fun playing :-)

I don't know if your modem can do it, but some can.

If you have a data/fax/voice modem it can (do they still make these combo modem/soundcards?) ...if you have a data/fax, probably not.

If you have the right type of modem, you just need the software. Other than the ancient Microsoft Phone that came with my 11 year old PC, I am not familiar with that type of software and couldn't make a recommendation for anything that would run on a modern version of Windows. (btw, that is a great article about that amazing old application and what it could do)


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