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Can't run 1.70.01

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After updating to the new 1.70.01 version I can't run LaunchBar Commander anymore.

All I get after starting is a window saying
"There are no LaunchBars/Docks or Tray Menus currently visible in the configuration file.
Press the button below to create some new ones and configure options. <Configure Now>"
--- End quote ---
When I press that button my mcf-file is opened and I can see all my nodes still available and activated. Changing something and saving doesn't help; when I close that window I only get that message box again.

lanux reported this bug too -- i'll look into it tonight.
are your docks minimized to tray?

Currently I don't use docks at all but only the tray icon and menus.

yep, that's the cause.. i'll release an update today to fix it.

just to add.. if the launchbar was in the minimized state at the time of reboot, the message box appears after the reboot as well.


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