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Possible to unhide the description for all icons?



great tool!

Is it possible to unhide the description for all icons? Using a lot of folders and same icons with differnt start parameters, it would be much more comfortable for me to see allways the icon descrition, not only on mouse over. Any idea?

Thank you and best regards

It's actually possible to always show the labels in Circle Dock but I purposely disabled that option because I thought it looked too cluttered and confusing with it on. Perhaps I will enable that option in Alpha 9.

BTW, cool screen shot. I think it's one of the best looking one's using Circle Dock because it looks like it's part of the background and in 3D!

Thank you for the fast response!

I think the best way would be the possibility to enable this function in the icon settings. In most cases it is not neccessary to see the description, because the icons (for example firefox icon, office icons etc.) are known, but in some cases it would be a great help.

Thanks a lot!

P.S: Link to the wallpaper:

I find that I also need descriptions showing sometimes.  An example is when I have a circledock folder filled with online radio station shortcuts.  Having to hover the mouse over 10 icons to find the one I want is a real drag in situations like that.  If you could put in a check box to leave text visible in certain folders, that would be the best... also being able to edit the description is better than it showing a 6" long text/path string...  :(

(by the way, LOVE the elliptical circle dock!)


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