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Possible to toggle CircleDock with Insert or CapsLock key?


It would be great to toggle the CircleDock with keys on your keyboard that you (almost) never use. For me this is mainly the Insert key and the Caps Lock key.


It is possible for me to add in the Insert key as an option but not for the CapsLock key without using a system keyboard hook since the CapsLock key is of a lower level. However, you can always use AutoHotkey to map whatever keys you want since I believe it uses a combination of registering keys with Windows and hooks. I will add in the Insert key for Alpha 9.

Perfect!  :Thmbsup: Thanks in advance for the efforts...

Needless to say: I LOVE the CircleDock. Knowing that the program is still maturing I even take for granted that every time the program starts I get a bug. I just click Ignore after which everything runs fine.


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