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After downloading and running a scan with Webroot's Spy Sweeper,
a report was made for Clipboard H & S

Risk rating: critical

Win-Spy is an invisible utility that may log all keystrokes by all users and may take screenshots that are saved to a hidden folder.


It's odd that after downloading and running Ewido spyware program yesterday none of this was detected.  Hum!....

it must just be mad that chs is monitoring the clipboard..

Yeah interesting that the other scanner didnt detect it.  Remember that ALL programs with hotkeys probably come with a "keyboard logger" (FindRun, QCD/QMP, etc).  I dont think mouser puts spyware in his programs!  At least, I havent seen any of them use the internet for there own purposes!  (maybe he's just really good!  Better even than Sony...)


hahaha i would never put any spyware or adware in any of my apps; none connect to the web if you don't tell them to either.  never have, never will.

Whatever it was that Spy Sweeper found was removed.
That did not stop CHS from doing it's thing.


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