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PopUp Wisdom : it's possible install as a portable program ?

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"does it run on your pc if you install it normally?" . Yes. Perfectly well in that case.

I have the program iniatially installed in the normal way. Perhaps is something interfering. How can i clean the registry of the normal version ?

Excuse my language. I'm from Canary Islands

i just tried it myself, extracted the files and ran the program and it ran fine.. something else must be going wrong.

I've revised the program.

In the registry , together with Point Motivator is this program license number. I've elliminated.

Now i'm going to reinitiate the pc and comments....

i dont think the license key is in the registry unless i messed up something.. even so, that wouldnt be cause of error.

I have installed in the normal way PopUpWisdom in several partitions with windows xp pro operating system.
Because of i want the portable version is obvious.
In my partition C: i have correctly installed the program and I observed one difference with the folder in the portable version .

I don't have in the portable version the ini file.


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