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My computer is older than YOUR computer!

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sazzen - which computer system are you referring to?! Also, what replaced the PB Multimedia M415 in daily use? Enquiring minds want to know...  :)

</comic book guy voice>
-wreckedcarzz (October 19, 2008, 01:42 AM)
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What exactly does a comic book voice sound like?

deozaan: I figured he was referring to this guy: Comic Book Guyw.

Just answering my own question: I'm pretty sure sazzen was referring to wreckedcarrz original post/computer  :-[

deozaan: I figured he was referring to this guy: Comic Book Guyw.
-jgpaiva (October 21, 2008, 04:27 AM)
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Correct. :P

If you live in Santa Cruz, CA, that has GOT to be my old computer. Across the room is its successor, a Packard Bell Multimedia M415 that was purchased in 1995. Until August of 2004, it was my only computer. Until September 1st of this year, it was still used daily. I can't bring myself to dismantle it.  I confess, I loved Windows95. I was comfortable with it, didn't mind trying every tweak I came across and didn't mind digging around in the registry. If something went awry, I just dug out the Windows95 disk and reinstalled over everything. No problem. If I needed help I phoned Microsoft and a real person walked me through the solution. The phone calls were free -- for a year.  Best of all and the reason I can't let go of it, was the software. If I need to do really serious work, I can always walk over to the corner and fire up WordPerfect 6.1 or Excel 97.
-sazzen (October 19, 2008, 09:33 AM)
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Hehe, I'm a ways to the east (Glendale, AZ) - I love Windows 95 (A, never tried the B version) - we had a Compaq with 95a on it, my first computer, when I was about 3 - we got rid of it before we moved, when I was about to turn 7. Loved that machine. Screwed everything up all the time (dad reformatted constantly). But thats how I learned probobally 50%+ of what I know now about Windows. There was this one time where I went through and ran a disk checking program to see what files/folders were taking up the most space, and whan I found out "Program Files" was the culprit, I concluded that because I know shortcut files are ~1kb and EXE files are big, I should make shortcuts to all the EXEs and delete the EXEs!

A shortcut filled desktop and empty Program Files later, I know not to do that :P


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