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My computer is older than YOUR computer!

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I still have an original, fully functional, Atari ST - 1985.

I also have an Atari (130 XE) computer from 1985.  It was our family's first "real" computer.  It's still fully functional with 5 1/4" floppy and plenty of software on such media from when I was a kid.  While most kids were turning in school reports typed out on a typewriter, I turned them in printed off using Bank Street Writer (anybody remember that?).  I also have our fully functional Commodore 128D complete with the RGB monitor (none of this TV-out crap here :).  I still set this up occasionally for my wife to beat Impossible Mission for the umpteenth time.  If you want to go back even further, I still have our Intellivision II ECS complete with tape drive and chiclet-style keyboard.  I wrote my first program ever in Intellivision BASIC on that machine.

Carol Haynes:
In the place where I was living in the Netherlands I know I have some fully functional 286's, each with 4 Mb RAM and 40 Mb harddrive.  :)
-Shades (October 14, 2008, 02:02 AM)
--- End quote ---

The question that arises is: Does a current 64 bit Vista system with 4Gb of memory and terrabytes of storage actually achieve much more than these old 286 systems (grief I remember when 286 was revolutionary!) - and I bet the 286 boots quicker!!!

I got an abacus  :)

i've got an atari 2600 video games console that works fine. does that count as a computer? i guess not. oh well, it was worth a try.


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