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My computer is older than YOUR computer!

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*Restrains emotion*

I have just acquired a Packard Bell Legend 406CD. It has an Intel Pentium CPU @ 75MHz (ITS THE FUTURE, MAN! ;D), 8MB RAM, a 850MB hard drive and runs Windows 95. It boots into Windows - kb works (although it has 2 keys broken, I don't care - its Windows 95!), mouse functions fully as well. Looks to be fully functional, no problems yet. I'm so happy!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I might have the oldest functional computer here, now that I have this; and the neighbors were going to toss it in tomorrows trash pickup!

Here are some pictures:
My computer is older than YOUR computer!
My computer is older than YOUR computer!
My computer is older than YOUR computer!
My computer is older than YOUR computer!

Can you beat that? It has to be a functional computer that is older than that (so something running Windows 95 or earlier, as the machine DOESN'T STATE its manufacturing date anywhere :o). I had an image that proved it was running Windows 95 (winver.exe), but freaking ImageShack kept timing out :huh: :(

BTW, if anyone has $20 to spare, I wouldn't mind some RAM for it for my birthday in 3 weeks... ;)


Oh yeah, well I bet my dad can beat up your dad!

I think I still have the parts for my old 486DX4-100 (although I trashed the 512meg harddrive) that made up the legendary sh33pb0x (I should upload the old website somewhere, our "promo video" is at though). But perhaps my mum threw the parts in the trash, since she+brothers are moving, and it wasn't much use anyway.

"Put a sheep on top *sheep placed on top* *sheep's eyes glow*" ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Computer: $500

Sheep: $20

Video: Priceless :P

In the place where I was living in the Netherlands I know I have some fully functional 286's, each with 4 Mb RAM and 40 Mb harddrive.  :)


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