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Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 8.2 is Released

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A minor release that includes an important bug fix, some new language files, and a set of new icons.
(1) The bug of Circle Dock not taking focus sometimes when toggled by the mouse buttons is fixed with this release. Circle Dock is also now able to properly differentiate between X1 and X2 mouse buttons. This was fixed by rewriting a portion of the Orbit.Hook.dll file responsible for the mouse hooking. This new dll file is smaller (43kb) compared to the older Orbit.Hook.dll file (430 kb). I spoke too soon. This fix isn't working for some people. I thought it was working pretty well on my machine.
(2) New language files are included (ie: Spanish, German).
(3) A new set of "Planet" icons are included with the release, created by Nelson Muñoz. They look really good and are very realistic.

Other features are the same. Still working on Alpha 9. I have been busy with other things and university.

This release (Alpha 8.2) isn't posted on the Circle Dock website yet but I will do it soon. I just want to update the credits page on the website along with posting the link on it.

The file size for the download is at about 12 megs so I have to use my SourceForge account instead of Wikidot to upload the file to. This also means that people in China can download it without being blocked by the government firewalls. I wanted to keep it under 10 megs for easy of download but the graphics are taking up most of the space and they don't compress. Any suggestions to get it under 10 megs for download?

I am having issues with the XButton 1/2 fix. While I did previously have the bug mentioned (lack of differentiation), I am now unable to use either button to call CD. Is anyone else having this issue?

And btw, those planet icons are awesome.

Maybe I spoke too soon. Sigh  :(

Guess, I should pull that message about the mouse buttons being fixed.

You can copy the original Orbit.Hook.dll file from your previous Circle Dock installation into the new Circle Dock folder to reverse the mouse button upgrade.

Any suggestions to get it under 10 megs for download?-VideoInPicture (October 13, 2008, 06:42 AM)
--- End quote ---

Make two different packs for it:
1. CD with few icons and background only,
2. additional "fancy packs" for icons and/or backgrounds.

This version freezes when I click on any Settings form's titlebar icon (close or minimize).

I've cross out the message about the mouse button problem being fixed on the Circle Dock download page and posted a message to use Alpha 8.1 if you have problems with the new version. This mouse button thing is really bugging me. I thought I had it fixed.


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