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UCalc Fast Math Parser 2.0 Pro License giveaway

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Daniel Corbier is doing an experimental and interesting kind of giveaway for his library.
You get a full license for free if you reach a goal = amount of points, that you can get in various ways - basically spreading the word about the tool.

Aside for the deal, if your are developing something that may be in need of an advanced math parser, be sure to give a look at it.

Here's the link:


Sounds interesting... but WHY does the screenshot show integration with MS Agent? >_<

AFAIK, the next version of the library deals also with scripting and interpreted language construction.


I don't need this program but I love the idea behind !

Mouser should be interested, but giving points from A to Z is way too extreme IMHO :D

I would
- just use about five different ways of earning points max
- maybe give a referrer URL to every forum user so it could be tracked who is how successful (and to be able to give a few points for each new visitor)
- think more about this later ;)

i think some of the ideas on the points page are good, and some i would consider not a good idea, and would definitely not want to do here.
i think the ones for doing things like reporting bugs, making suggestions for programs, etc, are nice.
the ones that involve promoting the ucalc softtware i would consider harmful in the long run and inappropriate.

i have always encouraged people here, out of the goodness of their hearts, to post your thoughts about donationcoder programs on review sites; but i think it would be inappropriate to reward people for saying good things about us - that just makes it seem like we are buying user praise, and i wouldnt want to do that, nor seem to be doing that.


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