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FARR: New feature: User Variables tab

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Woohoo  :Thmbsup:  Looking forward to it!

I finally got around to updating the MiniCap alias with latest version of MiniCap and some suggested changes. I also would like to take advantage of this variable stuff, but there's one thing that I suppose isn't possible yet but would be nice: A dialog to set variables.

My default variable section looks like this:

--- ---<DefaultUserVars>
// MiniCap alias folder settings -- change to your values\n
</DefaultUserVars>What would be great would be if it was possible to have something like variablename=valuedialog on first use of alias which would pop up a dialog for user to set a value which will be saved to the user variables. Not terribly important, but a nice little improvement in the ease-of-use departement ;)

actually czb solved this request very elegantly.. we just have to wait for instructions and examples of how to use his html settings variables system.

oh, cool! :)

download my latest fsubscript here:
and take a look here:
If it did not work or you had any suggestion you are welcome to ask/post ;)


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