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few simple noob questions circle dock


Real sorry for the questions that have probalbly been answered loads of time, its just that I'm stuck for time today, and hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

Firstly let me say, circle dock is an awesome programme.

Ok real basic questions really, as I have only had 15 minutes with it.

1. how do I get all my normal windows icons off desktop and have a cool background.?

2. how do I get the dock to disappear when opening a programme or web page from it.?

3. is it possible to link My computer and hard drives to the dock??

appreciate any replies,

(1) and (3): Drag and drop the icons onto the dock and they will be added. However, for virtual folders such as My Computer and the Recycle Bin, you have to make shortcuts to them first and drag those onto the dock instead. See for details on this. In a future version, you will be able to drag and drop all icons.

(2) There is an option in the settings panel -> Dock Items that you can check to make the dock disappear when you execute something from the dock.

Thanks , appreciated.

Oh also, just remembered, my first question actually meant how to get RID of all the ones that are left after I have added the ones I want to the circle.

and the cool background wallpapers, are they in there somewere??

thanks again


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