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FARR freezing for a few seconds

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I've been a satisfied user of FARR for a few months now. However, there was one thing that bugged me from the start: when I pressed the hotkey, FARR's window popped up, I started typing but there was nearly always a delay of a few seconds. Somehow it seemed that FARR seemed to freeze for some moments.

Yesterday I changed my AV-program from AVG Free to Avast Home (also free) and guess what? The delay was gone and didn't come back. So when you experience the same problem as I did, changing your virusscanner might do the trick for you too.

Mouser, any idea what caused this problem?

I also have this problem and I don't use an AV program.

I've been living with a big slow down in farr's launching (about 6s pause, after pressing enter). NO AV or firewalls are involved.

The problem seems to be firefox... when too many tabs are opened. Weird. Could be a plugin, but I don't know which one yet.

At first I thought it was due to RAM cosumption (even if I still got more than 400mb free) : sometimes, when I keep many tabs opened and leave them there for later reading, I can get a lot of open tabs (more than 50...).

But when I tried opening many applications to mimic similar ram consumption, and it does not have this slowdown effect on farr.

Problem unsolved, but controlled. When firefox is kept under control, farr pauses for about 1-2s after pressing enter. That's OK... could be better, but...

I have a similar problem lately: you can only type in one letter and it freezes after the first letter, but only certain letters:

aaaa freezes after the first a
bbbb is fine
cccc is fine
ttttt  freezes


usually freezes for 30-60 seconds

30-60 seconds
--- End quote ---
!!!! something is very wrong.. maybe trying to scan a network share?


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