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Easy Unicode Paster 2.1 is Released



* Version 2.1 of Easy Unicode Paster is released.
* There are two primary improvements: (1) I have modified AMS.Profile.dll so that it can now read the full range of unicode characters from the .ini character files without having to type in their XML/ANSI number equivalents. (2) When you click on the tray icon to toggle the visibility, the previous window you were working with will be brought back into focus, just like as if you used the hotkey to toggle Easy Unicode Paster.
* The source code for Easy Unicode Paster 2.1 is not released yet because I'm seeking permission from the original author of AMS.Profile.dll to allow me to post my improvements to the AMS.Profile.dll source code.
You can download the new version at the website:

Edit: Removed attachment. Download the latest version from the program website.

Great stuff.

(ps i think it's better to not put the files in attachments only because the result is that old posts still have old files attached and people could end up downloading older version; especially when you have such a nice web page)


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