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Please help!!! Move to problem


Whenever i click on an icon, it asks me where i want to move that program to, and opens a window with My Documents and it's subfolders, asking me where to move it.
After i close that window twice the program finally opens.
I love this program but this problem is SO annoying
Please Help

Based on your other post and not having "Item Settings" in the right-click menu when you right-click on a dock item, I am wondering if you are using Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 8? If not, go to and download the Alpha 8. I know that there are lots of torrents and file sharing sites that are distributing Circle Dock but many of them don't give you the updated versions and I'm not affiliated with any of these sites.

Can you post a screenshot of your dock and the right-click menu of one of the dock icons when you get Alpha 8?

I'm using alpha 7.6
Do i have to update?

Yes, you should update to Alpha 8 since that included some bug fixes and one of which was fixing the opening problem for some users of Windows XP. Download the latest version of Circle Dock at There are upgrade instructions on the site so you can carry over your current settings.


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